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How to Master a Skype Interview

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

How to Master a Skype Interview
Posted by Rod McDermott & Jared Moriarty

skype 1There have been a lot of changes since my last blog entry, both at McDermott & Bull, and in the industry.

For one, our firm’s new Associate Principal Consultant that I work closely with, Jared Moriarty, and I will now be contributing to this blog together. McDermott & Bull has been growing and is now one of the largest retained search firms in Southern California, and we are continuing to do more and more work on the national level.

As you can imagine, with more searches happening all over the country, coordinating interviews with candidates has become a greater challenge. However, we make a commitment to our clients to put eyes on every candidate and there is no way we would ever submit a candidate without doing some type of in-person interview. So now, instead of constantly hopping on planes and traveling all over the country to meet with every candidate, we have been using Skype a lot more for first round interviews. (more…)