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“CEO Charlie” – Update 05/21/10

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Below is an update on CEO Charlie and his job search journey. To read the introduction and learn more about CEO Charlie’s profile, please click HERE for PART I and HERE for PART II.

It’s been an enlightening, busy, and productive couple of weeks for CEO Charlie. He’s been focused, open-minded, and determined. Unfortunately, he is still plagued with the same few questions:

  1. “Am I making a mistake positioning myself as a ‘digital media’ guy rather than a broader software centric technology transformational leader and giving up on my initial job search plan too soon?”
  2. “If CEO’s are feeling potentially threatened by me, should I target Board Members instead? If so, how do I find and reach out to them?”

Disappointingly, Charlie got calls from two different companies letting him know they didn’t think he was the right fit for their opportunities sighting his year out of the industry as their reasoning. He plans to continue to compensate for that time by attending tradeshows, reading trade publications, blogging, and staying active in industry groups. He has also been exploring a promising board seat opportunity at an IT services firm and is in the process of scheduling a third phone meeting for next week.


“CEO Charlie” – Introduction (Part II)

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The Big Question: What am I?

Charlie has an extensive background in the media and entertainment technology industry, but not in media companies that develop content like Disney, CBS, etc. He has an even deeper background in IT technology applications that are software related.

When he started his search, Charlie was focused on his media domain knowledge, but with that industry is going through tremendous contractions including further layoffs and consolidations, he had to ask if it was a wiser idea to step back and position himself as a technology turnaround guy rather than a broadcast tech executive? Another question that I posed in my last blog that continues to plague Charlie is, “Am I a potential threat to CEOs and therefore should I be reaching out to board members instead?”


Live Job Search Journey – “CEO Charlie”

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Learn what a CEO/COO candidate does to make himself stand out from the masses in this tough job market.

Hard work, being extraordinarily strategic, and impressing the potential boss even before the dance begins has allowed this job seeker to have 5 interviews in his first month on the market.

In addition to my continuing blogs on “Networking Nancy”, I would like to introduce “CEO Charlie” and his background. Again, due to the very real nature of the details in these blogs, I will refrain from using their real names as well as generalizing some information that may reveal their identity. However, these executives have willingly participated in this series in hopes that they may get your ideas, feedback, and support in their job search. They also hope that their story may help and encourage anyone that may be going through something similar.


“Networking Nancy” – Update 05/04/10

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Below, I’d like to give you an update on Networking Nancy’s progress and activities in her job search. I’ve also included some questions that Nancy is interested in hearing your thoughts on. Please feel free to post comments if you have any advice for her or share your experience if it might help her or others in their job search. To read the introduction and learn more about the profile of “Networking Nancy”, please click here.